Status Update

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On March 28, 2016, we launched our first Indiegogo campaign to raise funding for "Status Update," a heartfelt Christian comedy about Facebook and jealousy.

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Movie Project: STATUS UPDATE

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Writer: Claire Hutchinson
Distribution upon funding
Relationship with completion bond company

Logline: Jealous of the lifestyles that her family and friends on Facebook are living, a woman concocts phony status updates to outdo them, even going so far as to stage events where she pretends she is living the life she writes about in her status updates. But she loses it all when her scheme unravels.

Synopsis: "Status Update" is about newspaper editor Amanda Jamieson, who, abandoned as a child, questions her self-worth, resulting in a problem with jealousy. In order to fill her emptiness, she wants what others have and she wants to win at everything. Her jealousy costs her romantic relationships. While searching for news stories on Facebook, she meets an old acquaintance from high school, Rod. They go out on a few dates. But she breaks it off because she is jealous of his women friends. Amanda gets heavily involved in reading her family and friends' Facebook updates. As she reads about their wonderful jobs, husbands, children, and trips, she becomes so jealous that she concocts her own phony status updates, impressing all of her family and friends with her new lifestyle. But to keep the charade going, she has to stage events to pretend that she is actually living the life she writes about in her status updates. At first it is a blast, but in her quest to have what others have, she loses the paper and her own sense of ethical conduct. In order to reclaim her life, she must finally deal with her jealousy and trust others with her heart.